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How I Beat the Living Hell Out of Suffering and Made It My Bitch

Welcome to the new blog!

Hello and thanks for reading my blog, where I will be posting thoughts, observations, and other hopefully interesting stuff as I write my new book on happiness.  If you are looking for my crazy cat lady credentials, check out my cat blog over at:  ^_^

Not much to say as I am just setting this one up today but stay tuned as there is more to come!



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One thought on “Welcome to the new blog!

  1. Mysti on said:

    Yea Happiness! I’m slowly winding down. OMG ever since revelation about my aura last night I have practically been on cloud nine. I’ve been like a chipmunk on coffee or something. It feels so good. yet I’m beginning to realize/see the seriousness of the issues it’s causing and it’s going to be a massively daunting task to fix it. But I’m confident I’ll surpass all issues. Half the battle was figuring out the problem. Now I just need solution to fix it. 😀 Piece of cake! Pineapple Upside Down Carrot Cake!

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