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How I Beat the Living Hell Out of Suffering and Made It My Bitch

NaPoWriMo V

Sorry, it is after two AM as I post this – but I have a weird-ass sleep schedule (or lack thereof), and it’s still “my Friday,” as it were, so it counts!  It does!  Really! : )



Please come in

I know the entryway is littered with

Broken shards of fragile ego

And the curtains on the windows

Are drawn tight against prying eyes

That might see too much, and run away

You can see there have been footsteps here before you

In the dust that I’ve been meaning to sweep up

They go in both directions

Who comes in, inevitably goes out

But the longer you stay, the more I’ll clean up the place

Crack open a window and let some sunshine and air in

Sweep away the cobwebs that have accumulated

In the recessed corners no one bothers to explore

I know there is a moat

Full of monsters and alligators

That you have to cross

And a guard dog who barks

Menacingly at any who near

But they are there for my protection, you see

Invaders have come here before

But once in the inner sanctum

I will show you the fire

Few have seen it, and those have been burned

Hence the retreating footprints in the dust

But I know somewhere, there is

A mad poet

Who will see the flame and

Caress it gently with their fingers

Their calloused, rough fingers

That have seen too many harpstrings and thorns

Immune to the damage done by a flame on soft skin

And upon feeling its heat

Will smile, and

Put their own candle beside mine

And our lights will dance in the same wind

And melt candle wax into the same pool

Accumulating on the table top.


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