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How I Beat the Living Hell Out of Suffering and Made It My Bitch

NaPoWriMo X

Yes, I missed another day.  But that’s okay, because I’m flirting with all sorts of ideas now…



A vision

One of many

How do I tell

Which path to take?

It speaks to me

With the siren song of passion

But that passion

Has ADD.

Just choose one, the gurus say

But one-note wonders tend to

Grate at me like

Nails on rough stainless steel.

It is not in my nature

And if it is against my nature

Why would I want to

Conform to that mold any more than another?

There are consistencies

But not consistent answers

Consistent dreams

But not consistent means.

I don’t need a whisper from the Universe

I need

A glaring, neon billboard on the side of the road

And a GPS telling me when to turn.


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