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NaPoWriMo XI

Yes, I am a negligent poet.  I apologize.  It seems every spring I melt into a puddle of goo just as everyone else is emerging from hiatus.  I seem to be backward to about every natural rhythm in the *world*.  I am a special ass snowflake.  And here is a poem about it! 😉



While nature emerges from the cold, dark, damp

I hibernate from the world

With every bud and blossom

I descend deeper into the morass

When did this reverse engineering take hold?

Must I succumb

To the tired convention of the despondent artist?

Must writing come from wretchedness?

I wonder, as words crash together in my head

Only I fear that instead of discovering creation,

I have instead been pulled into

Their black hole.


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One thought on “NaPoWriMo XI

  1. Aw great poem, but bummer about the spring blues! Are you judging yourself for not feeling more emergent, yourself, as the world becomes more outward?

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