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NaPoWriMo IV

A rumbling purr that seems

To reverberate in his stomach

As I press my ear to his fur

His bright green eyes half-closed

He leans his head forward, and we touch

A gentle bonk, bonk

Better than any hug

His paws softly kneading

Claws in and out

He rolls over to reveal

A fluffy white belly

With one paw twitching as he sleeps

And one fang protruding from his mouth

A contented grin on his face

When he awakes, he will chase his toys

And meow for food

But not before

He gives me a slow blink

And we touch, a gentle bonk, bonk

Heads or souls, the effect is the same.



…This poem is about one of my cats, Yuan.

My man :)

My man


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