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Writer’s block

Hmm, start a blog about the book I’m all jazzed about writing and promptly have a serious case of writer’s block!

Stressful, right?

Not actually.

It works that since this book is about finding happiness even when things aren’t going according to plan in life, I can get stumped on how to express those thoughts and yet be OK with it.  Where in the past I may have been banging my head on my keyboard in an attempt to draw the words out via blood loss, I’ve been rather zen about the whole thing.  Everything in its time.

I know that personally, I have “waves” of activity, and that goes for most every endeavor in my life.  Cleaning/organizing waves.  Painting waves.  Writing waves.  Social waves.  Knitting waves.  I can explode on a project and work, work, work and get a lot done in a short period of time.  But this is balanced with long periods of what I call “driving through Kansas”.  That is, flat stretches of bupkis.

I admire people that can evenly distribute their energies and muse time, but I am not one of those marathon runners.  It used to drive me absolutely insane.  But, along with so many other things I have learned to accept as OK and not A Big Fat Hairy Deal, I have gained a new perspective about it.  People are not all the same.  While our modern world would like to streamline everything and have us all function, learn, and act in alignment with some misguided notion of “normal”, it just isn’t realistic.  Some of us are Macs, some of us are PCs, and some of us are friggin’ typewriters, darn it.  We don’t all function the same.

So I know that I have bursts of energy some times, and Wren Comas other times.  So much inspiration I can’t keep up with my brain times, and veg out in front of Hulu so much I think I’m slowing down my internet times.  I’ve always felt guilty for the slow times, but I shouldn’t.  Because when the light switch gets turned back on, I know I’ll get as much done in that burst as I would have had I steadily plugged along at a pace.

So, I’m still happy about the whole project even though the last time I opened up the Word doc I sat staring at an empty new chapter page, and my brain felt about as blank as the screen.  It will come.

Meanwhile, please bear with me as this blog waxes and wanes as well.  Perhaps I should come up with a graphic that communicates the message, “Please hold while Wren’s brain is being updated.  This process may take a few minutes.”

As long as it’s not the blue screen/spinning beachball of death, I think I’m OK.

Typewriters don’t have screens, anywho.


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